(A)To promote bilateral relationship between Indian and Japan. Indian Association of Japan's main activity to Promote bilateral relationship between India and Japan by performing different economic and cultural activites to improve its citizen's interest.
(B)To promote Indian culture Indian Association of Japan promotes Indian culture to Japan and vice versa as events, seminars, conference, sports, culturalshows, exhibitions (commercial and non commercial), speeches, educational activites etc.
(C)To promote economic relationship between India and Japan Indian Association of Japan promotes economic relationship between Indian and Japan and inproves business and economic environment by tie-up, joint venture, business promotion, planning, international relation support, project development, coordination and consulting, technology know0how support, provides services of expertise on demand.

(D)To protect Indian and Japanese interest and its citizen Indian Association of Japan protects Indian and Jaspanese interest and its citizen by all kinds of supports by laws, medical, economical, financial and basic human needs on the requirement especially disaster period like tsunami, earthquake, floods, drought etc.
(E)To publish magazine Indian Association of Japan publishes for information of both countries and its interests of society and culture, business and economic, political and world affairs and forthcoming events, news and view.

(F)To promote and develop technology Indian Association of Japan promotes and develops technology research and innovation, implementation, initiation and know how exchange between India and Japan and its institutions, also supports to publish authentic research and innovation work.

(G)To contribute to the promotion of international cooperation. Indian Association of Japan contributes to the promotion of international cooperation, sound development of India and global economies by supporting socio-economic development in global context.