(A)Department of Planning, Proposal, Coordination and Support Indian Association of Japan promotes and supports economic and commercial activites. Indian Association of Japan prepares planning and proposals, surveys and research by expertise such key economic issues, business tie-up, joint-venture, taxation, finance, patent by professionala on demands of corporate and individuals, Government and non-government organaization, issuing of certificates of origin and attesting certification and invoice.
(B)Department of Economic and Commercial Indian Association of Japan provides assistance to all kinds of business and economic activites, business coordination and consulting, business tie-up and joint venture, business security and insurance, any size of business promotion and delegation representation, international business relations support, business prpject development, technology know-how support, provides services of technical expertise on demand, contributing and support of local human resource, trade inquiries, organizes business events and trade fare, conferences, seminars, facilitate face to face business meeting with B to B, B to C and B to G, supporting Japanese business firms operating in India and vise-versa.
(C)Department of Culture and Religion all kinds of culture activites between India and Japan such as cultural and religious events, sports, shows, cinema, exhibitions, speech by distinguished persons, educational activites, yoga, ayurveda, Indian astrology and religious practices.
(D)Department of Public Relations, Media and Publications Indian Association of Japan provides information of both countries and its interest on society, culture by publishing magazine and newspapers and television programs, cinema and documentary productions.
(E)Department of Disaster Management and Humanity Indian Association of Japan provides all kinds of protection of Indian and japanese interest and its citizen by all kinds of support and assistance of laws, medical by professionals, economical and financial assistance and basic human needs on the requirement by individual, group or community especially during disaster period like tsunami, earthquake, flood, drought etc.